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Breakfast restaurant

Welcome to KOLO, our breakfast restaurant with a name that’s deeply rooted in Danish culture. Our name comes from the word “kolonihave”, which refers to the small plots of land that Danes have been cultivating for over a century.

“Kolonihaver”, or allotment gardens, are a beloved tradition in Denmark. They provide city-dwellers with a way to connect with nature, grow their own fruits and vegetables, and enjoy a sense of community with their neighbors. It’s a way of life that’s deeply integrated in Danish culture.

At KOLO, we wanted to cherish the Danish tradition. We believe that the values of “kolonihaver” – simplicity, sustainability, community – are perfectly aligned with our philosophy on breakfast.

We also believe that breakfast should be a time for connection and community, which is why we’ve created a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy a meal with friends and family. So when you step into Kolo, you’re not just entering a breakfast restaurant, you’re entering Skt. Annæ’s “kolonihave”.

Kolo By Night

This year, we’re excited to introduce an expansion to the KOLO experience: KOLO By Night. Transitioning seamlessly from a morning haven to an evening retreat, KOLO By Night will offer meticulously crafted cocktails, allowing you to unwind in the ambiance of a serene garden oasis while soaking in breathtaking city views.

The opening hours of KOLO By Night will be from Thursday to Saturday.
On Thursday, the hours will be from 16:00 to 22:00.
Friday and Saturday will be from 14:00 to 23:00.

Kolo Breakfast Cafe
The opening hours of KOLO Breakfast Cafe will be from Thursday to Sunday
from 8:30 to 12:30.


The Shrimp

High quality food in stunning surroundings

Our restaurant is located in Copenhagen’s most beautiful atrium courtyard, hidden away from all the hustle and bustle.  The ceiling may be high, but we promise you will feel right at home in our intimate settings.

The small menu consists of the dishes we ourselves love to sink our teeth into.
This means that the menu largely consists of well-known classic dishes, which we have collected from kitchens all over the world. You may have tried the dishes before, but not in our courtyard.

For those of you who wants to make the evening extra special, you also have the opportunity to end your dinner with one last glass at our rooftop terrace with an astonishing view over Copenhagen.

The Shrimp is located only a short walk from Copenhagen Harbour and Ofelia Plads. Are you more of a cultural kind of person you will find the Royal Palace only a few hundred meters away where the boat ferry will take you directly to the Royal Danish Opera. And even if you are not in the mood for a dinner, you are always welcome to drop by for at cup of coffee while you enjoy the life at Sankt Annæ Plads.

The Shrimp is run by Torben Klitbo, who founded Cofoco and has helped create several award-winning restaurants in Copenhagen including Høst, Llama and Scarpetta.

Monday – Saturday
5:30 pm. – 12:00 am.


The club

Classic cocktails and gastronomy

Enjoy the end of a workday, with a Dry Martini at the local bar.

The Club is old school, exclusive and quality conscious. The bar serves classic cocktails mixed by competent bartenders and the dishes are on a high gastronomic level.

The guests are both local and international and there is room for the quiet conversation, the formal meeting and the festive gathering, in the urban and luxurious surroundings.



Chill-ee is a local favorite and offers homemade bread, friendly service, and Danish favorites like their famous Danish-style sandwiches and salads. They are located right in the heart of the hotel and have seating inside as well as on the hotel porch.

Let us host your event

Are you looking for a venue to celebrate your birthday, your child’s baptism, or your girlfriend’s babyshower? Or something entirely different?

No matter what you wish to celebrate, we have the perfect venue to host your celebration. We offer two different but unique venues at our hotel; our cosy rooftop terrace and our extravagant atrium courtyard.

Our rooftop terrace is one of the coziest in Copenhagen and has the possibility to be covered with installed heating lamps for cooler days.

Our atrium courtyard is the most unique indoor venue in Copenhagen, and let’s you dine inside while looking up to the skies. It has that special Copenhagen courtyard vibe, with plants, a beautiful olive tree, and custom made lamps hanging from the ceilling.