Our responsibility

We are proud to have our origin in a country which, despite its size, is known worldwide as a pioneer within the field of sustainability and social responsibility.

As a result, many sustainable initiatives have from the outset been integrated in the way we run our hotel. Denmark’s strong tradition within sustainable solutions and social responsibility constitute a privilege for our hotel, our guests and the society around us.

At the same time, we are part of an industry that uses significant amounts of nature’s valuable resources such as electricity, water and heat, and we are very aware of our role in contributing to a green future in the hotel industry. As a hotel, our passion is to offer travelers a space for authentic experiences, relaxation and enjoyment without unnecessary burdening of our environment. If we as a business wish to keep doing what we love, we must be able to continuously identify where new sustainable solutions can come into play. Through ongoing dialog and collaboration between our colleagues in the industry, our suppliers and our guests, we can collectively ensure an adaptation to greener standards in the hotel industry.

Working with sustainability is meaningful, but at the same time complex because sustainability is a broad and dynamic concept that requires interpretation and specification. At Hotel SKT. Annæ, we use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an interpretive framework for our sustainable work. By selecting some specific SDGs to focus on, we can systematize and focus our work on sustainability. We have selected three SDGs within which we can create the biggest positive change: # 6: Clean water and sanitation, # 8: Decent jobs and economic growth, # 12: Responsible consumption and production.

We strive to find the best and most sustainable solutions for all aspects of our hotel operations. Therefore, we highly value our collaboration with “faundit.” It streamlines the process for the inevitable lost items that occur in a hotel. Additionally, compensation is provided in the form of tree planting when we return the lost items to their owners. From August 2023 to January 2024, 40 trees have been planted, and 54 tons of CO2 have been compensated for in connection with our lost and found.

We are not perfect, but we are dedicated to keep improving as our knowledge develops. Therefore, we would love to hear from you if you have feedback, good ideas or thoughts that you would like to share with us.

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In 2020, we were awarded the international tourism eco-label Green Key. As a certified Green Key company, we must live up to specific and relevant environmental requirements, which are ensured every year through ongoing inspections and approval processes.

Read more about Greenkey here.