Vesterbro is one of the most trendy and lively neighborhoods in Copenhagen, renowned for its vibrant creativity and diversity. The streets exude a unique atmosphere where modern art, fashion, and gastronomy blend together, creating an exciting urban landscape.


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The intention with Uformel (english transl. ‘informal’) is precisely that it should be a place that is by no means pretentious. This is also reflected in the prices, which differ from Uformel’s big brother, the Michelin-starred restaurant Formula b. The menu consists of about 15 dishes that changes ac-cording to the season and mood. Uformel uses small local suppliers to support their key values of sustainability and a respect for nature.


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Copenhagen’s only gorilla is a beast of a restaurant located in large, rough premises in Kødbyen – also known as the “Meatpacking District”. Restaurant Gorilla is an unpretentious restaurant divided into two areas with a bar area and a more classic restaurant area. The menu consists of snacks ideal for sharing, a la carte dishes, as well as an affordable sharing menu with 10- 15 dishes. In the weekends the bar will also be a place to dance when they bring out a DJ.


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Kihoskh is nothing like your local kiosk at home. Here you arguably have the best assorted kiosk in Denmark, located on the hippest street in town. With great coffee, and a wide selection of speciality beer, wine & soft drinks, this is the place to hangout among local hipsters and soak in the coolness of Vesterbro. Insider tip: they have a secret speciality beer room downstairs.