Look forward to summer in Copenhagen! Explore exciting events and activities that allow you to enjoy the sun, culture, and everything the warm season has to offer.


Copenhell Festival on Amager is an epic event that merges heavy metal and rock into an intense experience. Every year, Copenhell brings Amager to life with the most iconic bands, impressive stage performances, and an atmosphere filled with energy. Crank up the volume and experience the dark tones that fill the sky over Amager – it’s a festival that will shake your senses!

Photo: Copenhell


Dive into a world of colors, love, and diversity at Copenhagen Pride! Every year, we transform the city streets into a rainbow of festivities, where people of all shapes, colors, and genders celebrate love and equality.

Experience a week filled with unforgettable events, parades, and concerts that celebrate our ever-growing LGBTQ+ community. Come and be a part of this heartwarming celebration that spreads the message of love and acceptance in our beautiful city.

Photo: Ty Stange


Experience the magic of jazz during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival! Every year, Copenhagen transforms into a jazz mecca, where talented musicians from around the world fill the city with improvisation and melody.

Explore the iconic jazz clubs, street concerts, and intimate jam sessions in a week filled with musical innovation. This is your chance to feel the heartbeat of jazz in Copenhagen. Come and join in this unique musical journey!


On Midsummer’s Eve, June 23rd, we celebrate in Denmark with bonfires, song, and joy. The tradition dates back to ancient times and marks the arrival of summer. Cities and villages gather by the beach or in parks to light large bonfires and sing together.

In the middle of the evening, a straw doll, called a “witch,” is burned on the bonfire as a symbol of pushing away evil. It’s a magical night where the community celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and the beauty of nature.

Photo: Morten Svane


Experience an unparalleled taste sensation at the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival! This culinary event fills the city with fragrant food markets, exciting cooking demonstrations, and unforgettable tastings.

Join food enthusiasts from around the world and explore Copenhagen’s culinary diversity.
From street kitchens to fine restaurants, the festival celebrates food in all its forms. Let your taste buds dance and participate in this gastronomic event that puts Copenhagen on the map as a destination for food lovers!

Photo: Maria Sattrup


Ironman Copenhagen is a spectacular event that brings together elite athletes and everyday heroes in an epic triathlon challenge. Swim through the Øresund, cycle through the city’s iconic streets, and finish with a run along the waterfront.

This is not just a competition; it’s a festive celebration of strength and endurance in the heart of our beautiful city. Join in the energy and cheer on the participants as Ironman Copenhagen takes to the streets!

Photo: Casper Fenger