Discover the magic of autumn in Copenhagen! Explore exciting events and activities that fill your calendar with culture, taste, and fun.


Dining Week is a gastronomic event that indulges the taste buds with exquisite menus at affordable prices. During this culinary celebration, you can explore a wide range of restaurants, including Restaurant The Shrimp, located at Hotel SKT. Annæ. It’s a unique opportunity to experience gourmet food at a fraction of the cost.


The Copenhagen Half Marathon is a spectacular event that brings together runners from around the world in the beautiful Danish capital. With an impressive route through the city’s iconic streets and along the coast, the race offers a unique opportunity to experience Copenhagen in a different way.

Participants can expect an unforgettable blend of culture, nature, and sport in one of Europe’s most charming cities. This half marathon is more than just a race; it’s a true journey through the soul of Copenhagen.

Photo: Pierre Mangez


Culture Night in Copenhagen on October 13th is an annual event where the city’s museums, theaters, ministries, churches, basements, parks, and squares stay open late. This unique event allows visitors to explore the city’s cultural treasures in a completely new way.

The program includes concerts, exhibitions, performances, and much more. Culture Night creates a festive atmosphere that celebrates Copenhagen’s rich cultural heritage and attracts thousands of participants every year. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience the city in a different way and immerse yourself in its artistic and cultural diversity.

Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen


Halloween in Copenhagen is a delightfully spooky time for everyone! Experience the city like never before with tailored events to suit your taste. From eerie dinners at fine restaurants to grim historical tours through Copenhagen’s haunted streets. Seize the chance to celebrate Halloween in an exciting way in our beautiful city.

Photo: Kim Wyon